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Don't be blue, be green this January

Blue Monday, January’s bluest day, lands on Monday 18th January this year. It’s a tale of woes surrounding broken new year’s resolutions and the cold weather here in Scotland.

Here at The Scottish Garden Show, we don’t want you to be blue as our favourite colour is green.

The Scottish Garden Show will be held in the beautiful grounds of Scone Palace on 29th, 30th and 31st May 2021. A fantastic opportunity to enjoy the benefits of outdoor space with friends and family.

Of course, 2020 has been tough for us all and Covid-19 restrictions have stopped us experiencing life as usual, let alone being able to seek enjoyment in seasonal events.

With Covid-19 set to be a feature of our lives for a while yet, we have planned the Scottish Garden Show with suitable safety measures in mind. Our partners, Strathmore Event Services, have years of event management experience and have recently obtained a Covid accreditation to bring a wealth of knowledge around virus protocol to the table.

The Show is set to take place over three days to allow for additional social distancing as well as a string of other safety measures to be put in place, such as staggered entry times.

To keep spirits up Brian Cunningham, Head Gardener at Scone Palace, has come up with 5 top tips to get you gardening this January.

1. Start planning your 2021 garden If you fancy making an alpine garden or growing your own veg this year then you should start to review the best location in your garden before making a plan of works so you are ready to plant in spring.

2. Tree planting tips

Winter is a great time for bare root tree planting whether it is a nice ornamental one for your garden or a fruit tree. If needing to buy a large number for the likes of a hedge planting project, bare rooted plants are cheaper than those growing in pots, saving you money too!

3. Get your seeds sorted For the vegetable plot, get the seed catalogues out and prepare your order! So much fun can be had growing your own veg whether you look to involve your children or are just looking to enjoy the taste of home-grown produce.

4. Reduce maintenance time Avoid following the same route over grass which will eventually wear away to a muddy strip giving you extra repair work come spring. You are going to be busy enough!

5. Get some colour Get out to a garden centre and choose a plant or two that will brighten up your garden on these dark days. A plant like the ‘Christmas Box’ also has a fragrance particularly admired when planted near a door or next to a path.

The Scottish Garden Show promised to offer a great day out for gardening enthusiasts and their families and will include:

· An array of specialist nurseries will showcase their products.

· Practical advice and tips will be offered from horticultural societies and growers

· Family friendly activities

· Local food stalls

To find out more about The Scottish Garden Show, visit our website:

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